Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My adventure at Perfect North Slopes...

Hello! Last Saturday my church youth group went to a little place called... Perfect North Slopes! What's so awesome about this place is there can be completely no snow on the ground yet you still can go skiing or snow tubing! They make all of the snow..well, unless it actually snows! lol :) I don't know about you... but skiing sounds pretty scary to me.  I don't know if it's not being able to hold on to... anything but two sticks.. or what? It just sounds so creepy to me.. Lol You must have to be a really trusting person.. or something. :P

So instead we went Snow tubing. Our church usually goes Snow tubing at Perfect North Slopes every year so this would be my family's 3rd time going to Perfect North Slopes.  It's always so much fun watching everyone..especially since there was a few people who have never gone before. :)

This is our little group! We had a lot more younger kids this year
  then we had in the past years. They made it so much more fun!! :)

        My sister and I! :) They had all of the winter gloves, 
        hats and scarfs 50% off at our local grocery store! Yaaay! :P :D

     The view from the ground.. Here we go!!! :D

  The awesome thing is you actually don't have to walk all the way up the hill! 
 They have this crazy escalator that take you up to the mountain
You could of course walk if you didn't want to ride the.....
escalator.... it might take a little longer though! lol :)

Here we go!!!!! Aaaaaah!! :)

I totally hope we can go again next year. It's always such a blast! :)
Well, I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about my Perfect North Slopes adventure! :) Praying you see a sprinkle of blessings today!!

 Lots of love... <3

~Hope :)